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At ATX-LED, we are providing a family of low cost LED drivers, DC and PoE powered, allowing non-licensed people to do installations of LED lights by using low voltages. See LED Solutions from ATX LED Consultants for more info.

While running WiFI-Texas, I innovated a family of low cost PoE injectors, splitters and switches - and built an eCommerce business on Amazon for B2C and B2B sales, sold in October 2016 see PoE Solutions for more info.

At WiFi-Texas, we rebuilt and managed WiFi at 2000 hotels in Europe, 130 RV parks in the USA, plus student housing projects nationwide see WiFi Solutions from Wifi-soft
Some previous products:
       Web based Answering Machine for remote access to your home office Faxes, Voice Messages and Emails from any point in the world
ADV601 Wavelet Video Compression chip for Analog Devices
MIME2CIS for Decoding Emails received by Compuserve users
Sprint Programmers My invention now sold and marketed by Data I/O 

Please contact me at: